About Delta Waseca Truck Bodies

We’re Rugged and Refined

For nearly 50 years, Delta Waseca has set the benchmark for solid, rugged innovation in the truck body industry. We’ve been manufacturing tough bodies that have consistently been proven to get the job done. Our mission is this: We work tirelessly to craft dependable, forward-thinking solutions that can comfortably meet your unique needs. To do this, we use only high grade materials, and we manufacture our bodies with the utmost attention to detail. Our truck bodies are built for the long haul.

The truck body industry is littered with companies that believe in doing “just enough” to scrape by. We don’t believe in using mediocre materials to construct middle-of-the-road truck bodies. We don’t believe in falsely proclaiming to be the best. Our words are backed up with our durable line truck and van bodies, our investment into creative customization options, and our undying commitment to customer service. We have the Truck-Tough Edge that separates us from our competition. We’re not better because we say we are– we’re the best because we have almost 5 decades of unsurpassed, quality service to prove it.

Consistent across all of our product lines is a dedication to quality construction. We employ top-grade materials that, when combined,  create a tough monster on wheels.  .

What makes our truck a Delta Waseca Truck?

There is a certain element that undoubtedly separates our trucks from the legions of other trucks on the road. It’s the essence of our workmanship, and the bedrock of our philosophy. It’s toughness. Our trucks were designed handle whatever the road throws at them. Our trucks were constructed to perform with power, grace and grit. Our trucks are driven if you want your cargo to get from point A to B safe and sound. That is the difference. That’s the Truck-Tough Edge.

 Rugged Substructure Construction

We offer  one of the strongest floors in the industry. Our flooring features 4-inch high tensile 80,000 yield steel l-beam cross members. It’s then reinforced with patented  anti buckle gusset on every other cross; we add full-width cross members for the entire area to maximize the strength of the substructure. It’s built to withstand pressure.

High Quality Lining

We use plywood or baseboard. Plywood lining is exterior grade 3/8″ and 1/2″, and the plywood is mounted horizontally for optimum strength. You can opt for 10-inch high baseboard with 3-inch wood slats. The wood linings are coated with a penetrating satin sealer High quality lining reduces the overall wear-and-tear of the truck body.

Attractive, Tough Flooring

Our flooring is laminated hardwood that is 1 1/8-inch thick, which is securely fastened with two screws per board per cross member– unlike our competitors who only use one screw per board per cross member. The flooring is coated with a sealer to enhance appearance, block moisture and prevent warping. It’s easy on the eyes, while being tough enough to withstand pressure.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is no fun, so we made our truck bodies resistant to it. The bodies are completely undercoated to protect against road salt corrosion. Steel cross members are isolated from aluminum rub rails with dielectric tape.             They are then attached with stainless steel cross member bolts and neoprene-coated stainless washers. The rear frame is stainless steel. All of this is done to ensure that your truck remains pristine against Mother Nature.

Durable Roof

Our roofs are pre-tensioned with.032″ aluminum. The edge of the roof is waterproofed with sealants. You have the option for a translucent fiberglass roofing for enhanced visibility.

A Wealth of Customization Options

If you can dream it, we can build it. With us, what you want is what you get, and we make that possible with a vast garden of different variations and modifications that you can choose. It’s an opportunity to create a personalized monster of a truck body that is built to meet your own specific needs.

A Commitment to Customer Service

We are committed to every single one of our customers, and that’s what separates us from other truck body manufactures. You are not merely a cog in our sales machine– once you purchase a truck body from us, you become a member of our family. That means that we are there for you with ongoing support and attention. There are nearly 5 decades of Delta-Waseca clients who are members of this family, and it’s growing every day.