A truck body that’s optimized for efficiency

We don’t blame you if you want it easy. With our curtain-side truck bodies, easiness is exactly what you’ll get. Cargo is accessible from either side and the rear, without a loading dock. This speeds up the process of loading and unloading, reduces handling time, makes deliveries faster, and saves wages. All of this, at the end of the day, will buff up your bottom line.

Use the Curtain-Side truck if you:

  • Have a focus on saving resources
  • Have irregularly shaped cargo


Why is this one of the most efficient choices?



Our curtain-side bodies are still Truck-Tough, which means that you can still expect our characteristic durability and strength. If you’re worried that your cargo may be unprotected, you can rest easy. This body, like all of our others, was built to withstand the unique challenges of the road.


You can load truck bodies and route them according to route convenience, not  according to where the cargo is located on the truck body. This saves time and prevents migraines.


The simple leaver arms make it extremely easy to open and close the curtain quickly. The curtain can be opened in seconds. The ability to load cargo from either side and the rear makes this truck body as easy as a breeze.