Delta Waseca was conceived in 1966 under the name of Delta Truck Body, Inc., which was (and still is) based in Waseca Minnesota.  The original founders had an idea to create a truck body manufacturing company that would offer reliably tough truck bodies and equipment. In 1989, Bruce Bean and Ken Wilcox expanded on this idea when they purchased the company. From there, Delta Truck Body, Inc. became Delta Waseca, as we know it today.  The philosophy of “The Edge” started there, and it still remains. “The Edge” is the personification of our commitment to make to most durable and efficient truck bodies on the market. What started as a simple idea nearly five decades ago has become a reality.  Today, we’re a full-fledged operation that builds a full line of aluminum “FRP” (fiberglass reinforced plywood), dry freight, refrigerated and curtain side truck and van bodies. Our product line is characterized by rugged construction, a high attention to detail and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

It’s not a stretch to say that we’ve pioneered some of the design and construction methodology in our industry. With the use of sophisticated bonding technology, we were one of the first to offer rivet-free panels, which provide a smooth surface in case you want to put any lettering, images or branding on your truck. We patented a gusseting system to provide added stability to the substructure of the body.

We’re building on the legacy that Bruce and Ken built. Our new owner, Dee Kapur, along with our dedicated staff, want to take the company further than ever before. For years, we served a 7-state region in the upper Midwest from our headquarters in Waseca, Mn. The plan is in action to expand our reach on a greater national, and eventually, international level. The goal is to continue to invigorate our status as a preeminent force in our industry.  Dee Kapur brings a tremendous engineering and business experience, and plans to use that experience to add to the legacy that Bruce and Ken built. Throughout the years, we have been constantly innovating and refining our design and construction processes, and we’ve come a long way. Each day, we are still evolving, and that’s what makes us special. Our “Truck-Tough Edge” isn’t some buzz-worthy catchphrase; it’s the lifeblood that runs through our company. We have a pledge to our customer base to eclipse their expectations of what a truck body can do. We hope you join us on the journey!