Moving Van Truck Bodies

The perfect truck body for a smooth journey

The moving industry is incredibly demanding, and you need a top-tier truck body to meet those demands. You need a truck body that is not only tough on the outside to prevent any exterior penetration, but is also strong on the inside to protect the cargo from damage. With all of our moving van bodies, we employ a smooth, but strong, interior lining that secures any sensitive cargo you may be carrying (furniture, for example).

Use our Moving Vans if you:

  • Run a moving company
  • Want to transport your office equipment
  • Have sensitive cargo that needs to be moved


What makes this the best truck for moving equipment?



Like all of our other lines of truck bodies, our moving van bodies have the quintessential Tough-Truck Edge. From conception to construction, these van bodies were exactingly made to rise to the challenge of being constantly on the road. Our walls are all top grade plywood lining at their full height and are coated with a penetrating satin sealer; our floors are solid oak, with the crusher beads removed for flush alignment, and is covered by two coats of polyurethane; the van body has our standard, tough substructure; the van body is also resistant to corrosion.


The truck body can be customized for what you’re looking for. Not every company does things the same way, so it’s important that we implement your vision for the truck body.


We had an acute attention to detail when we designed this truck body.  They’re made to make moving extremely easy, with easy door access, strong supports to control loads and a furniture-friendly interior that ensures security.