Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Maintain the Optimal Temperature for your Cargo’s Trip

If you want to keep your reefer truck body cool and secure, then you need the Truck-Tough advantage. We bring the same high quality, super efficient and extreme toughness of our dry freight truck body, and the result is a versatile machine that is built to traverse through tough conditions and haphazard weather. When you load your cargo into our truck bodies, your mind will rest easy, because you will know that the cargo will be safe and in-tact, and its temperature will remain cool. Our extensive customization options make it extremely easy to individualize your truck body for your own vocational needs. That’s the very essence of the Truck-Tough advantage, and there’s nothing like it.

The Refrigerated Body Truck is great for:

  • Meats or seafood
  • Food that needs to be kept at a cool temperature
  • Frozen products
  • Pharmaceuticals


What separates our truck from the herd?



Right behind the glass-board liner, we put a sturdy plywood wall. This means that you’ll have much tougher sides that will protect against penetration during loading or transit.


When you use a reefer truck body, you should expect your cargo to maintain a consistent temperature. To ensure a consistent temperature, we maximized our insulation. The floor above the cross members is foam-insulated for increased thermal efficiency.


The truck bodies substructure should be able to withstand ridiculous pressure. We put 4-inch long structural members our 4-inch long members have a 80,000 lb. tensile rating. We gusseted every other member with our own patented system to prevent racking.


We’re happy to design a truck body that can comfortably fit your needs. We have extensive customization options. The alterations you can make are nearly limitless.


Delta Waseca makes truck bodies that are specifically built to withstand wear-and-tear. Other truck bodies break, become useless, and end up costing their owners significantly more money. We’re with you for the long haul.